Vertuoz Control

by ENGIE Vertuoz

Reduce energy consumption in the building with AI & IoT

Vertuoz Control is an energy efficiency solution designed for smart buildings, to deliver 25% in energy savings

Our unique technology combine IoT + predictive control + machine learning in order to provide optimal and automated real time HVAC systems control.

Vertuoz Control is already optimizing more than 300 buildings;
    • educational buildings
    • retail
    • office buildings
    • warehouses and logistic platforms

Vertuoz Control is a turnkey solution unique value proposition:
    • reduce energy consumption & carbon footprint by -25%
    • energy savings commitment to secure both energy and financial performance
    • improve comfort in building (heat and air quality)
    • turnkey solution
    • measurable KPIs to secure enerfy performance
    • fast deployment & simplified O&M

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