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Allows service providers to orchestrate and manage SD-WAN and VNF-based services running on Azure

The only Industry SignatureGPT Platform. Offering a rapid, secure and cost-effective approach for CSPs.

Are you looking for a way to harness the power of Generative AI for your telecom business? Do you want to create innovative solutions, automate processes, and optimize decision-making with customized Large Language Models (LLMs)?.

SignatureGPT Platform is a unique solution that combines carrier-grade architecture, open-source technology, and telco-specific taxonomy to deliver GenAI-enabled flexibility, security, and compliance. With SignatureGPT Platform, you can leverage any LLM for your specific needs. You can also benefit from the library of pre-built use cases designed to overcome specific business challenges. A key example is Bill Inquirer, which efficiently resolves customer billing issues with GenAI.

With SignatureGPT Copilot, seamless integrates GenAI capabilities throughout SignatureGPT portfolio. For example, CPQ Copilot automatically generates B2B proposals and optimizes pricing to improve deal closure rates and profitability.

SignatureGPT Platform also comes with the support of two industry leaders: Microsoft and NVIDIA. Amdocs has recently announced strategic partnerships with both companies to accelerate the adoption of GenAI in the telecom sector. With Microsoft, Amdocs is creating the AI-infused Customer Engagement Platform, powered by GenAI, that will enable service providers to deliver personalized and contextual experiences to their customers. With NVIDIA, Amdocs is leveraging the NVIDIA DGX Cloud to provide scalable and secure GenAI infrastructure and services. These partnerships demonstrate Amdocs’ commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the GenAI space. By choosing SignatureGPT Platform, you can tap into the vast potential of GenAI and transform your telecom business with unprecedented agility, efficiency, and differentiation.

Top 3 Benefits:

  • Out of the box use case library - such as the Bill Inquirer and Conversational Selling.
  • SignatureGPT Studio - a low-code environment to develop GenAI use-cases.
  • CES Product Copilot functionality - enriching the SignatureGPT Portfolio with GenAI capabilities.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about SignatureGPT Platform and how it can help you achieve your GenAI goals.

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