by IBB Innovations, LLC

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Privacy-enabled AI Video Surveillance

Quicklart is an AI Video Surveillance solution designed and developed by IBB Innovations, LLC to detect and analyze human suspicious behaviors, detecting gun/knife threats, fighting, fallen body(s) on ground, etc. preventing crimes by notifying authorities in real time/instantly, instead of just recording. Going from 2D to 3D image processing, AI deep learning, depth sensor technology, and powerful detection techniques simulating a vision power of more than 200 human eyes, allocating 26 skeleton joints of more than 30 bodies at the same time. The solution is privacy enabled (No face recognition, age, gender, etc.)


  • Detects gun/knife threats.
  • Detects fighting threats.
  • Detects fallen body(s) on ground.
  • Closes doors/gates instantly.
  • Activates on-site alarm.
  • Turn on/off lights.
  • Alarm siren.
  • Privacy streaming.
  • 4K streaming.
  • Night vision.
  • Mobile app.
  • Immediate SMS alert to 911/ Authorities, or any assigned contact(s).
  • Immediate Call alert to 911/ Authorities, or any assigned contact(s).

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