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AI-driven knowledge management platform that simplifies the exploration and search of documents.

Boost Your Company's Productivity with Ainhoa

Ainhoa is a multilingual AI-driven knowledge management platform designed to elevate your company's productivity. By leveraging conversational virtual assistants, Ainhoa optimizes document exploration, search, and process automation. Here’s how Ainhoa can transform your business:

  • Comprehensive Document Indexing:

    • Index documents from various sources including SharePoint, websites, ServiceNow, and other systems.
    • Utilize OCR to process and index even scanned PDFs.
  • Intelligent Search and Query:

    • Use AI to locate documents effortlessly.
    • Ask questions and receive accurate, relevant answers from your indexed documents, search skills or internet.
  • AI-Driven Workflows:

    • Design and implement AI-driven workflows to automate corporate processes.
    • Seamlessly connect with third-party systems through REST APIs.
  • Team Collaboration and Security:

    • Enable multiple teams to work simultaneously on Ainhoa.
    • Secure documents by audience, ensuring employees see only what they have access to.
  • Advanced AI Capabilities:

    • Support for multiple skills and AI agents.
    • AI agents collaborate to efficiently solve user tasks.

Enhance your company’s productivity and streamline your operations with Ainhoa, the ultimate AI-driven knowledge management solution.

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