IBM Safer Payments

by IBM Software

IBM Safer Payments protects all cashless payments from fraud.

IBM Safer Payments puts modern machine learning in the hands of on-site fraud management teams, which significantly improves their effectiveness and ability to stop more fraud with fewer false alerts.

Outsmart fraudsters with Generative AI

IBM Safer Payments helps you create custom, user-friendly decision models so you can adapt to emerging threats faster and detect fraud with greater speed and accuracy, all without vendor or data scientist dependencies.

IBM Safer Payments significantly accelerates modeling optimization by providing the analytics and simulation tools needed to continuously monitor business performance and adapt to emerging and modified fraud patterns.

Delivers high performance results. Clients report high detection at ultra-low false-positive rates after deploying our solution.

Brings agility to fraud management. Build, test, validate and deploy machine-learning models in days versus months without reliance on vendors.

Proven in production. Monitor thousands of payments per second. Enterprise-grade solution delivers 99.999% availability and high throughput.

Open-source data science. With an open platform, import detection models, model components and IP while using a rich interface to build new models.

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