Insite LMS - The enterprise construction platform

by Insite IT

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Insite LMS supports logistics, material tracking, site management, deviation & construction progress

Efficiency is a top priority for every industrial construction site. The Insite LMS software combines know-how of more than 1000 successful projects and is the perfect tool for construction sites.

Insite LMS was developed together with renowned international plant construction companies and technology providers. With our know-how, the Insite LMS software and Insite Apps give you a standardized, proven and integrated plant construction process you can rely on. Digital & efficient and sustainable.

The software is used on industrial construction sites of all industries (e.g recycling plant construction, hydropower, infrastructure projects) for

  • Manufacturing Tracking and Logistics

  • Material Tracking and Site Logistics
  • Deviation Management and Documentation
  • Site Management and Installation Tracking and
  • Tool Management

The enterprise construction platform - Insite LMS contains of an extensive desktop application, mobile applications and the option of supplier integration. Insite LMS is precisely tailored to the different user needs and variably adapted to the project or the company.

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