myTask2do- Your Complete Task Management

by iXora Solution Ltd.

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Complete task management in an easy way for increasing efficiency and productivity

myTask2do is a task management and collaboration tool that simplifies managing combined team tasks, and allow you to effectively work with your team to get things done from a single platform in real time. It is a cloud-based application enabling managers and teams to optimize business processes, increase productivity and implement accountability

There is a wide range of features which are listed below-
  • Own task and team task management
  • Notification of due tasks
  • Recurrent task creation
  • Plan and monitoring project tasks
  • Task calendar for planning and scheduling
  • Task template defines for similar projects.
  • Client-wise, project wise or member wise task monitoring.
  • Time log and time tracking
  • Drag and Drop functionalities
  • Workload management
  • File attachment and checklist
  • Task history and comments
  • Office 365, Facebook and Gmail Authentication.
  • Importing and exporting tasks
  • Multiple language support
  • Outlook Add-in for Office 365
  • Converting emails into tasks
  • Multiple views and Dashboards
  • Complete support by opening support ticket and status checking
  • Video tutorial and FAQ for learning.

  • It provides a sense of ownership to your team. The name of the tool represents that as well. Your company’s client, your company’s project is your project. The members of the company are also your team. A teamwork can do better than so-called corporate culture.

    Similar products are available in the market, however, most of them are coordinating within the project, Every activity deals inside a project. In myTask2do you can monitor and manage from the top of all projects. It has several unique features discussed below

    3-Dimensional monitoring: you can manage your tasks and your team tasks from three dimensions. From Team or Person perspective, from the Client perspective, and from Project perspective.

    User-Friendly Interface: The user interfaces were designed in such a way that it requires no learning or minimum learning. User interaction is minimum and drag and drops features to use it in a natural way.

    Using from inside Outlook: The tool has an Outlook Add-in which is available in Microsoft Office Store ( The user can do all activities from office outlook directly without login to the application.

    Time tracking with timesheet: It has a built-in feature for time logging for user activity. You can get the total time spent on a project, person or even for a client

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