KPMG Trusted Sustainability


Trusted Sustainability Insights accelerates implementation of sustainability dashboards

Sustainability (ESG) is of growing importance to companies worldwide. Next to formulating and communicating sustainability ambitions, firms want to monitor their progress, what drives this progress and understand what the potential impact is of certain actions. Based on experience we see that the necessary data to build up this type of insights typically is scattered throughout and beyond the organization. Together with a typically required monthly/quarterly refresh rate this makes it hard to justify the cost of building fully automated & integrated solutions as investment is steep. Furthermore, reporting quality is often low with a lot of information not structurally captured in decent supporting tooling resulting in low levels of trust. As a result, we have created a solution that is able to tackle these challenges in a cost efficient way while leveraging the “trust” associated with our brand putting us in a unique position vs. competitors: addressing a gap in the market & accelerate our lead time for implementation.

The Trusted Sustainability Insights solution is developed using the technology of KPMG’s global alliance partner Microsoft: MS Power BI, MS Power Apps, Azure SQL database and Azure Data Factory. Trusted Sustainability Insights is set-up in a scalable way. By standardizing the data model supporting the dashboards, Trusted Sustainability Insights can efficiently be rolled-out at different clients, reporting on different KPI’s or sustainability topics. The Azure SQL DB is configured to support the standardized data model and can be connected with automated data feeds via Data Factory. Trusted Sustainability Insights accelerates implementation of sustainability dashboards, while leaving room to tailor the solution to the specific needs of the client.

Additionally, KPMG has developed an approach to addressing a variety of reporting concerned, enabled by Microsoft and Workiva technology. Once configured in the client environment, these reporting and analytical capabilities help clients address their data and reporting challenges and prepare more reliable reports on their ESG and climate performance and progress leveraging the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability and the configurable reporting capability within Workiva. See more detailed on this differentiated approach from KPMG in the Accelerate ESG and climate data management and analytics slipsheet below.

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