Life365 Annual Platform Fee

by Life365, Inc.

Life365 Annual Platform Fee

This is a fee for the setup of a clients individual secure cloud environment for storing remote patient data.

A dedicated Azure environment with a Docker container will be setup to store the clients patient data.

Additional Services:

(1) Life365 Support (Microsoft Marketplace) - Provide Tier-2 Customer Care and support of Clients RPM program and Patient connected solutions
(2) Life365 API Connect Data (Microsoft Marketplace) - Provide API integration into the Clients clinical backend
(3) Life365 Integration Services (Microsoft Marketplace) - Integration work that is required to connect the Life365 and Microsoft platform into the Clients clinical backend
(4) Life365 RPM Consulting Services (Microsoft Marketplace) - Consulting services provided by Life365 to Clients to help in the establishment of their RPM program
(5) Life365 Demo Kits (Microsoft Marketplace) - These are demo Life365 RPM Kits
(6) Life365 RPM Kits - These are the production Life365 RPM Kits

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