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V:Bot is a functional demonstration, a little taste of what can be done with today’s bot technology.

V:Bot was built by award winning Microsoft partner Velrada using the LiveTiles Bots platform, powered by Azure. It is designed to showcase a handful of advanced capabilities that could be integrated into a production environment bot. V:Bot runs 24x7, 365 days a year and can send an email, create a task list and schedule a calendar event by connecting to an Office 365 demo environment. It can also get the latest weather and news. At an enterprise level, V:Bot can participate in question and answer dialogue, link to corporate knowledge bases, conduct sentiment analysis, add records to a Power BI data set, retrieve sample customer accounts details from Dynamic CRM, and much more. Leveraging Microsoft Flow and its 160+ pre-built and custom connectors, the possibilities are endless! Native deployment to Microsoft via first-party services such as Teams, Skype, Cortana, or other web application channels (Slack, Facebook) is possible using V:Bot’s APIs.

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