Moata Geospatial

by Mott MacDonald Limited

Moata Geospatial enables users to rapidly access and collaborate on geospatial data.

Moata Geospatial enables users to rapidly access and collaborate around geospatial data in an intuitive and secure way. It leverages industry leading GIS (ESRI) and advanced cloud computing capabilities (Microsoft Azure) to allow users to interact with and interpret large volumes of trusted data, in context. An unlimited number of users can collaborate on the same information through a clean, simple interface. It provides the sophistication of a desktop application through the simplicity of a web browser – serving experts in the field while democratising geospatial data to all that need it. There are many features which set our offering apart from the rest, but the key ones are given below.

Immediate value: Rapid to deploy and easy to adopt.
We can typically deploy Moata in less than a month, realizing immediate value. Our one-stop solution and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model removes many of the typical obstacles faced in deploying technology solutions. By combining our intuitive, professionally designed user interface with training and support we ensure high user engagement and adoption at scale.

Unlimited collaboration: Everyone, everything, everywhere.
We will enable collaboration at scale and empower everyone to add value to and derive value from information. This is at the heart of Moata. We uniquely offer our features to an unlimited number of users across any number of organisations through just a web browser. Our approach breaks down silos and promotes collaboration across the entire supply chain and beyond.

Focused integration: The future is connected.
We will connect people, process, technology and information – adopting an “integrate first” approach. We recognize that all organisations differ in their needs and vision and will work with you to develop the capabilities that matter, beyond the functionality already provided. Through improved productivity, Moata will release space and time for people to do what they do best; brining insights and innovation that leads to better outcomes.

We pride ourselves in empowering people to deliver. We leverage and create the right capabilities by bringing together best-in class tools from leading suppliers such as Microsoft, ESRI and many more besides. We integrate and build upon these capabilities and tools, applying our domain knowledge which ensures we provide the right solutions for the right problems. Our solutions have been refined over many years of first-hand experience - we don’t just build the tools, we use them. Moata enables you to:
  • Visualise and enhance
  • Interrogate
  • Automate and assure
  • Connect and customise
  • Analyse and act

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