Microsoft Teams + Nintex

by Nintex

Modern Workplace Transformation with Nintex Workflow Cloud and Microsoft Teams

Nintex Workflow Cloud for Microsoft Teams allows organizations to go beyond simply automating the publishing of content, and allow significant administration and governance of Microsoft Teams. Nintex Workflow Cloud with Microsoft Teams enables organizations and employees to be even more productive by completing activities within Teams, initiating workflows within connected systems, and ensuring that processes face fewer bottlenecks and reach the desired outcomes faster – with increased employee productivity and satisfaction. Nintex Workflow Cloud is the leading intelligent process automation platform that leverages Nintex’s Advanced Workflow, Modern Forms, DocGen and Process Intelligence capabilities to automate, orchestrate, and optimize every interaction across the modern workplace. The Nintex Workflow Cloud is designed to automate the simple and sophisticated business processes that fuel today’s enterprise organizations as well as help the line of business to get more value from the many cloud-based applications they use every day.

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