oculavis SHARE Remote Support

by oculavis GmbH

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Award winning remote expert support for machine manufacturers and plant operators

Remote Collaboration for the Industry

Save time & money by solving problems remotely. Redefine the way service and maintenance is done today. With smart glasses, augmented reality and the multiple award winning remote support solution oculavis SHARE!

Use Cases

  • AFTER SALES SERVICES in customer support like acceptance testing, commissioning, training, troubleshooting.
  • TRAINING of operators of the machine by remote video support.
  • IDENTIFYING SPARE PARTS during remote video support sessions.
  • SETUP INSTRUCTIONS for technicians or the end customer.

Technical Features

  • AR - ANNOTATIONS for live guidance in video calls and assisted problem solving. Shared pointer, zooming function & technical navigation mode.
  • MULTI-USER CALLS and scheduled video calls for customer service workflows. Guest user onboarding in mobile browser call.
  • HD VIDEO (1920x1080); audio, desktop or document sharing.
  • SMART GLASSES APP (Eg. Realwear HMT-1), iOS and Android App.
  • INTEGRATED DOCUMENTATION: Saving process related information (videos, screenshots) in service cases.
  • UI in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Turkish, Chinese; chat function with translator in 10+ languages.
  • WORKFLOWS: Structured knowledge about machinery & equipment and processes on any device
  • AR - VIEWER: 3D visualization of components for distributing machine content where it is needed.

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