Extended ECM for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

by OpenText

Connect client data and finance business processes.

Enhance your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance with powerful content and business process management features

Organizations struggle to manage their financial workflows due to legacy systems, restricted user access, siloed information and inefficient internal processes. Users working in multiple business applications also lack real-time access to the information necessary to make informed decisions, resulting in costly delays, increased errors and other friction in financial business process flows.

Many companies use Microsoft Dynamics 365® Finance to manage volumes of documents, content and data required to keep critical financial processes and daily operations running smoothly. To streamline financial processes, enable better collaboration and management of content and reduce risks, organizations must securely connect their business content with their financial processes.

OpenText™ Extended ECM for Microsoft Dynamics 365® Finance provides the critical connection between an organization’s financial processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the content needed to complete related tasks. It delivers a complete set of content services to enrich financial business processes. Give your teams access to real-time data and content to drive more efficient financial processes, improved cash flow, lower costs, reduced liability and a more connected supply chain.


Accelerate sales cycles

  • Empowers users through access of relevant content at their fingertips.
  • Introduces structured content management to reduce content sprawl and make it easier for users to be more productive
  • Breaks down silos to connect content to business processes.

Ensure content consistency

  • Automatically reflect real-time changes to customer data across all integrated systems
  • Enhances Dynamics 365 features with Enterprise grade information governance and records management that records managers require.
  • Automatically creates relationships between relevant object from integrated business applications

Holistic user access

  • Applies content permissions based on business rules for consistent access control across applications.
  • Provides powerful content management features right inside your Dynamics 365 interface
  • Use roles-based access


  • Reduced or eliminated costs of paper handling
  • Increased straight-through processing (STP) and reduced exceptions
  • Reduced cost of audits
  • Increased cash operating cycle
  • Reduced vendor payment errors and less strain on key vendors
  • Improved vendor relationships and less chance of litigation

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