Real-time AI solution for anomaly detection is a ready-to-use solution to easily identify anomalous behaviors in manufacturing processes and other industrial time series.
We leverage artificial intelligence (A.I.) to promptly detect anomalies and outliers, analyzing in real-time industrial data collected from sensors and production processes. was conceived to contrast the most common causes of inefficiency into automated production plants, such as unplanned production stops due to components failures and decrease of production quality caused by a drift of the default machine conditions.

Other than returning interpretable and actionable outputs to the existing systems, Detectiv offers the final user an intuitive dashboard that guides the operator toward the preventive identification of the anomaly and its root causes, allowing him to promptly react to problems and improve the overall efficiency of its systems.

Not only end users but also machine manufacturers can benefit from,
thanks to the flexible software structure that makes it easy to integrate our solution into existing architectures.

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