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Share your 3D models and use 3D headsets like HoloLens or mobile devices to collaborate with others.

HoloDesk is your Augmented Collaboration Platform
Share 3D assets with your team or external partners, locally or remotely.
Collaborate on 3D models using 3D headsets like HoloLens or Augmented and Virtual Reality capable devices.
Unleash the power of 3D to streamline processes for design, sales, support and maintenance.
HoloDesk is industry-agnostic, it can be used in Architecture, Engineering and Construction for sales, design review, construction progress monitoring, and even facility management to avoid errors, speed up the planning and construction processes, and finalize projects in time and in budget. For Manufacturing, Plant and Mechanical Engineering, remote provisioning and remote maintenance save time and money. There is a vast variety of other use cases in all major industries - from Aerospace to Utilities.

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