Dash Enterprise

by Plotly Technologies Inc.

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Plotly's Dash Enterprise puts the power of AI & ML in the hands of business users.

Plotly is a software company whose mission is to enable every company, around the world, to build data apps. Our product, Dash Enterprise, is a platform of best-in-class development tools to quickly and easily visualize data in Python from virtually any data source. With customers across the Fortune 500, Plotly is a category-defining leader in enabling data-driven decisions from advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

• Augment your Power BI deployment for dynamic, interactive web-apps
• Deliver dashboards that run advanced analytics (ML, NLP, computer vision and more)
• Allow user interaction, data commentary, and forecast inputs
• Produce pixel-perfect dashboards & applications, without writing any CSS
• Generate and share print-ready reports as links or PDFs
• Scale analytic apps effortlessly with a Kubernetes-based platform
• Save time and money by customizing Dash starter apps for AI & ML
• Integrate seamlessly with Databricks and Jupyter notebooks

Plotly’s Dash Enterprise helps businesses operationalize data science, AI, and ML models ⁠— at scale. Its features are productive, customizable, lightweight, and grant direct control. Want to deliver on Enterprise ML and reduce costs with advanced analytics? Join the world’s largest companies already using Dash Enterprise, contact us today.

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