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Sales Cookie - Sales Commission Management

Sales Cookie

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Automate Your Sales Commissions

Sales Cookie automates all aspects of sales incentive programs for SMBs. Using a clean web interface, you can create flexible incentives, submit fast calculations, generate payout reports, and much more. Our users are payroll managers, sales ops professionals, and sales leaders.

Design and Manage Plans
Sales Cookie lets you easily design incentive programs, step-by-step, using an interactive wizard. Using a 5 step approach, you will effortlessly choose among dozens of options. We'll even review your plan for problems and accuracy.

Fast and Accurate Calculations
Submitting a plan for calculation just takes a few clicks. Each calculation includes a detailed log, so you'll be able to review transactions, credited users, and computed rewards. Calculations process sales transactions in parallel to ensure you get results faster.

An Incentive Dashboard for Each Rep
All participants get their own personal incentive dashboard. They can enroll in incentive plans, review credits, understand payouts, and submit inquiries. The result? Clear objectives and more focus on selling.

Enterprise Reporting
Without proper incentive reporting, you're flying blind. You can't be sure that your sales incentive program is cost-effective and fair. This is why Sales Cookie comes with advanced reporting capabilities - from built-in reports, to support for Microsoft Power BI Desktop.

Security and Auditing
Not everyone should have access to every incentive plan. And when a change is made, you should know about it. Careful handling of your data is critical. Sales Cookie delivers the security and auditing features you need. Learn more about our commitment to security here.