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Predict and Prevent Losses in Production Yield and Quality

Seebo is a pioneer in process-based Industrial AI, with solutions to predict and prevent process inefficiencies that damage production yield and quality.

Customers use Seebo solutions to know:
  • When these process inefficiencies will happen - leveraging process-based predictive analytics
  • Why they will happen - with automatic root cause analysis
  • How to avoid them - using predictive simulation

Using the Seebo Industrial IoT Platform, we model the customer’s production line processes and knowhow, together with data from OT and IT systems, into machine learning - without requiring the customer to master data science. This enables us to deliver solutions for Predictive Quality, Predictive Waste, and Production Optimization - with unmatched accuracy and simplicity.
Manufacturers across industries – including Nestle, Grundfos, Stanley, Procter & Gamble, Hovis, and many more – use Seebo to increase throughput while continually improving quality.

Key Benefits for Manufacturers

  • Increased production yield
  • Improved production quality
  • Reduced production waste
  • Minimized unplanned stoppages

Value Proposition

  • Seebo leverages Process-Based Industrial AI to deliver easily-customized, targeted solutions for maximizing yield and minimizing quality issues in the production line
  • With real-time data readouts from sensors on production machines, combined with machine learning algorithms that pinpoint production inefficiencies, new levels of productivity can be attained
  • Seebo delivers an intuitive and interactive digital twin representation of the production line, through which actionable insights are visualized - making the system easy to use and very intuitive

Why Seebo

Seebo is the only solution that combines a detailed understanding of the client's production line - by modeling a digital twin model of the line - with real-time OT data and machine learning algorithms. The result: unmatched accuracy of insights that production teams trust.
Seebo delivers these insights in the context of the digital twin, making the solution intuitive for production teams and with unparalleled ease of use - without requiring users to have data science skills.

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