Planning and monitoring the tests on engine cells and test benches

EasyTesting is a web application designed for planning and monitoring the testing activities of engine test rooms.

EasyTesting allows to plan, monitor and finalize tests over time, analyzing historical data and generating reports based on predefined KPIs.

The solution includes two different modules: the Cells module, for long-term tests, and the Roller Benches module, for shorter tests.

Main features are the following:

- Yearly timeline or weekly calendar for test planning (drag and drop mode)

- Management of requests, approvals, planning, execution and outcome of the engine tests.

- Test summary and monitoring (timesheet and cell diary)

- Archive of tests and technical data

- Creation and management of test surveys/checklists

- Management of cells and benches maintenances

- TimeMachine

- Reporting and KPIs

- Management of user’ profiles: Planner, Requester, Supervisor, Operator

This application is available in Italian, English.

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