FieldOS as SaaS

by FieldOS

Enhancing mobile collaboration between all stakeholders, Anytime, Anywhere

Is the go-to solution for supercharging productivity while on the move. With FieldOS, your smartphone becomes a command center for managing request, tasks, assets, and locations in real-time.
No more juggling paperwork or chasing down information. FieldOS Mobile App keeps you connected to your teams, vendors and your data, allowing you to collaborate seamlessly and make informed decisions on the fly.

It's like having your office in your pocket, making your workday smoother and more efficient.

Say goodbye to complexity and hello to streamlined field operations and interaction, all at your fingertips.

FieldOS is:
✓ A modern, no code SaaS solution that allows you to create, distribute and monitor request and tasks, assig them to your suppliers, employees or contractors in the field.
✓ The embedded AI engine and ML algorithms can automatically schedule and dispatch workers based on the type of work, their availability, their competences and the physical locations of customers. FieldOS helps you increase the efficiency of your teams and contractors by recommending or automatically dispatching the field personnel.
✓ Easily configure your work orders aspect and functionality based on your specific business type and user roles. Show or hide sections and inputs, customize labels, emails and dashboards.
✓ Maintain a digital evidence of any kind of resource used within any work order. Work duration, parts used, distance travelled and any other information can be recorded.
✓ Customize how your generated documents look and the information they contain via the documents drag and drop customization module.
✓ Automatically generate your customer offers, purchase orders, invoices, documents and others.
✓ Shorten your new employee on boarding process and work orders conformity by creating advanced checklists and audit lists. Smarthuts™ offers a wide variety of checklist options, from introducing a meter index to taking a photo, scanning a QR code or NFC tag.
✓ Connect you field equipment the the FieldOS IoT platform to get real time information about their status, meter readings and many more.
✓ Get real time, unbiased feedback from the customers via the customer engagement engine.
✓ Use the state of the art customizable dashboards and reports. Get real time alerts on statuses, delays performance decrease and any other information you need.

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