KEY360 Capital Project Management

by SSG Consulting

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KEY360 - an Operations Platform for Projects, Engineering, Project Controls, Construction Management

KEY360 is your Award Winning - Single Integrated Solution for your Capital Project Management requirements.

KEY360 for Capital Project Management provides a cloud solution for over 140 systems in HR, Communication, Document Management, Project Controls & Forensics, Scope, Planning & Cost Management, Risk, QA/QC & Safety Management, Supply Chain & Procurement, Engineering, Fabrication and Construction Management. KEY360 also Provides 3D BIM Capability, and is supported by the KEY360 10X Mobile APP.

KEY360 is a single integrated solution providing exceptional user interface for data aggregation, data management, Reporting & Dashboarding, BI Development, AI, Collaboration, Document Management and Behavior Modification.

  • KEY360 provides unrivalled Data Analysis, Data Mining, Internal & External Audit, Statutory Compliance & Forensic Capability
  • KEY360 connects ALL project stakeholders, clients, consultants, engineers, fabricators, contractors in a collaborative multi-company workflow enhanced environment.
  • KEY360 provides built in Business Process Development and Optimization Tools.
  • KEY360 Provides unrivalled Transparency and Configuration Capability to cater for any project.
  • KEY360 has successful clients in the following industries - Infrastructure, Petrochem, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Rail & Ports, Shutdowns, Factories, Maintenance Projects, Project Portfolio etc.

KEY360 is the answer to Capital Project Management

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