Digital Factory OEE Tracker

by Supply Chain Wizard

Improve production efficiency via real-time visibility and advanced analytics.

Manufacturing operations are facing various challenges such as long cleanups & changeovers, unpredictable downtimes, variable labor performance and ever-changing production schedules. Manual & incomplete data collection, limited & cumbersome performance tracking are further preventing decision-makers from taking the right actions at the right time. Digital Factory cloud solutions, powered by IoT and advanced analytics, help manufacturers quickly & cost-effectively digitize their performance tracking, production scheduling and log keeping activities via integrated solutions like OEE Tracker, Scheduler, Digital Logbook, and Labor Tracker.

Digital Factory | OEE Tracker helps address manufacturing challenges related to process, people, equipment, as well as limited performance tracking. OEE Tracker provides complete real-time visibility over shop-floor via data collected from people, IoT sensors, and machines. With actionable insights into production and advanced analytics, you can improve your OEE performance, reduce costs, and increase throughput.

Gain complete real-time visibility over shop-floor and production performance

  • Easy data collection & review via iPad terminals, IoT sensors, PLC integrations and API connectivity
  • Real-time line status & production performance tracking via mobile app, live dashboards, and visual factory boards
  • Detailed visibility over equipment effectiveness, downtime losses, and root causes

Improve OEE performance

  • Save valuable labor and machine hours via identifying and eliminating unplanned downtime losses
  • Correct and prevent issues faster via automated alerts, IoT sensors and advanced analytics
  • Enhance production performance driven by goal-oriented & data-driven performance culture

Achieve high ROI within a few weeks

  • Reduce cost of goods sold and increase throughput / revenues
  • Minimize cost of quality with reduced scrap and waste
  • Decrease manual data collection & reporting via robotic process automation
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