Digital Factory | Scheduler

by Supply Chain Wizard

Improve production scheduling via shop-floor integration and advanced analytics.

Manufacturing operations are facing various challenges such as:

  • Long cleanups & changeovers

  • Unpredictable downtimes

  • Variable labor performance

  • And ever-changing production schedules.

Moreover, the effective decision-making capability of managers is hampered by a lack of real-time production visibility and limited performance tracking capabilities. Digital Factory cloud solutions, powered by IoT and advanced analytics, assist manufacturers in swiftly and cost-effectively digitizing their performance tracking, production scheduling, and log-keeping activities through integrated solutions like OEE Tracker, Scheduler, Digital Logbook, and Labor Tracker.

Digital Factory | Scheduler helps address the complex challenge of work order assignment to the lines and staff which depends on many variables and constraints. Thanks to AI capabilities, Scheduler distributes work orders to production lines optimally based on the selected objective criterion such as:

  • Cost minimization

  • Profit maximization

  • OTIF maximization

  • Makespan minimization

  • Timely delivery

  • Just in time delivery (JIT).

Thus, managers can easily create feasible production schedules, reduce costs, and increase throughput.

Enable shop-floor integrated, fast & visual scheduling

  • Easy and seamless revision of schedules via user-friendly drag & drop Gantt charts and real-time shop-floor data.

  • Ability to schedule using different objective criteria (e.g. minimum cost/time/inventory) and production constraints.

  • Automated, AI-driven and optimal assignment of work orders to the lines powered by advanced analytics and schedule quality KPIs.

Improve scheduling performance

  • Explore true production parameters and hidden constraints via machine learning algorithms.

  • Eliminate manual scheduling inefficiencies & pitfalls via fast, reliable, and advanced scheduling.

  • Refine production schedules via scenario and what-if analysis capabilities.

Achieve high ROI within a few weeks

  • Reduce cost of goods sold and increase throughput / revenues.

  • Minimize backorders and overtime labor.

  • Decrease manual scheduling and reporting efforts (e.g. automated schedule adherence.

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