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by SymphonyAI Retail | CPG

AI-Powered Generative AI Customer Insights and Co-Pilot

Predictive and generative AI addressing retail’s biggest challenges

In today’s fiercely competitive retail landscape, Connected Retail represents a necessary evolution for retailers aiming to stay competitive. Connected Retail is the seamless flow of data and insights that bridges silos across retail operations, allowing retailers to move from the slow and tedious reactive analysis to responding to market demands in near real-time and anticipating what’s coming next. SymphonyAI has made the concept of Connected Retail a reality with market-leading generative and predictive AI, technology infrastructure, and the ability to embed customer data throughout operational solutions and AI models. This empowers retailers to uncover previously unknowable insights and gain a holistic view of the end-to-end retail landscape, helping them stay stocked, predict trends, and tailor shopping experiences. The result? Unparalleled forecast accuracy, streamlined store operations, targeted offerings, and happy, loyal customers.

AI-enabled retail insights-to-action for profitable growth

CINDE GenAI platform, finely tuned over 18 meticulous months to harmonize data from supply chain through to store management and merchandising for end-to-end insights. Its robust framework is transforming how retailers harness the power of their data. Empower merchants and marketers to optimize, accelerate and increase the accuracy of AI-powered, data-driven business decisions. Provide connected retail solutions powered by advanced technology focused on critical business processes to help merchants and marketers take customer-centric actions to increase loyalty, sales and sustainable growth.

Unified Shopper View: Provides a connected retail platform that presents an enterprise-wide view of shopper behavior to help merchants and marketers make optimal decisions.

A new era of connected data: At the heart of CINDE Gen AI lies a sophisticated data architecture that not only harmonizes but also cleanses petabytes of data across your retail ecosystems. What does this mean for retailers? It translates into the ability to process extensive datasets from countless sources with clarity and precision.

Predictive AI at your fingertips: With retail-specific predictive models, CINDE Gen AI goes beyond traditional analysis. It provides retailers with insights finely tuned to enhance customer loyalty and drive growth, cutting through the noise to focus on what truly drives the bottom line.

Insights Builder: Effortlessly combine metrics and visualizations, allowing you to build your own boards and pre-built boards that can be tailored to client specifications. ​Explore insights by navigating combinations of Store, UPC, and Channel, enhancing your analytical capabilities.​ Single-source metrics to reduce the need to run multiple reports, delivering the targeted metrics needed from a singular, integrated source.​ And an open data model enabling extensive flexibility to incorporate CPG hierarchies and other product, store time dimensions.​

Tailored for Retail: CINDE's retail-specific LLM has been designed to understand the industry's unique nuances and lingo, ensuring every insight is relevant and actionable.

AI that understands Retail: The generative and predictive AI applications built on CINDE Gen AI empower retailers to not only understand historical data but to anticipate and plan for future developments with confidence.

Category Manager Copilot: Driven by predictive and generative AI, the Category Manager Copilot is your trusted aide, streamlining processes, deciphering complex queries, and enabling data-informed decisions. It understands queries, uncovers performance factors, automates tasks, and guides you through potential scenarios to provide clarity and efficiency.

Rapid, real, relevant results

1% overall revenue increase through uncovering insights

10% productivity improvement

2x improvement in incremental sales per markdown $

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