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Digital, automated, connected stores

Predictive and generative AI addressing retail’s biggest challenges

In today’s fiercely competitive retail landscape, Connected Retail represents a necessary evolution for retailers aiming to stay competitive. Connected Retail is the seamless flow of data and insights that bridges silos across retail operations, allowing retailers to move from the slow and tedious reactive analysis to responding to market demands in near real-time and anticipating what’s coming next. SymphonyAI has made the concept of Connected Retail a reality with market-leading generative and predictive AI, technology infrastructure, and the ability to embed customer data throughout operational solutions and AI models. This empowers retailers to uncover previously unknowable insights and gain a holistic view of the end-to-end retail landscape, helping them stay stocked, predict trends, and tailor shopping experiences. The result? Unparalleled forecast accuracy, streamlined store operations, targeted offerings, and happy, loyal customers.

See every shelf in every store

SymphonyAI’s Store Intelligence is an AI and computer vision solution delivering a real-time view of shelf conditions, prioritized workflows, and insight-based recommendations. Store Intelligence allows retailers to monitor shelves in real-time to achieve new levels of on-shelf availability, increase unit sales, and support operational excellence.

Rapid, real, relevant results

11% increased on-shelf availability

23% improved planogram compliance

5% increased sales

Rapidly identify shelf issues

SymphonyAI eases the load on store associates and ensures accuracy by swiftly comparing planograms to real-time shelf images. AI and computer vision identifies issues like out-of-stocks, wrong placements, and missing tags.

Ensure the most critical issues are addressed first

Store Intelligence leverages AI to prioritize shelf issues by critical KPIs, enabling associates to address impactful items swiftly and reduce disruptions.

Optimize merchandising strategies for maximum ROI

AI-driven insights enhance understanding of merchandising performance, offering improvement recommendations. Store Intelligence converts realograms to planograms, enabling easy action for revising strategies and maximizing ROI per shelf.

Monetize your data

Store Intelligence’s unique monetization service transforms real-time shelf views into an asset, driving top-line revenue for retailers. This exchange of data is valuable to help manage labor, supply chain, and orders, and gain competitive insights.

Get up and running in 30 days

Store Intelligence is infinitely scalable with over two million unique SKUs built into the image recognition library. Through SymphonyAI’s fast-track pilot program and expertise, customers go live and prove ROI in just three months.

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