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A mobile application used to assign, execute, and verify tasks for deskless workforce.

TakeTask is a NO CODE platform for automating the distribution of tasks for deskless employees in multiple locations, which allows you to create tasks, training and information packages, and then delegate them to the right people, at the right time in the right place and receive feedback. Employees receive prioritized tasks with clear guidelines in one mobile application.

Thanks to the optimization of processes, TakeTask increases the efficiency and accuracy of work, as well as improves communication.

Many retailers and restaurants use TakeTask for operational checklists, incident recording, audits, price checks and promo readiness in their stores. Service companies report installations and service visits. Food processing factories report food safety (HACCP).

The implementation of the COVID Home Quarantine with over 11 million user accounts in Poland a completely unusual case for us, but showed the flexibility and scalability of the solution.

The TakeTask system enables easy configuration, distribution, confirmation and verification of tasks on a large scale for any industry with a complex operational structure. It is a flexible, no-code platform that simplifies task management to ensure consistent and efficient task execution. Employees receive prioritized tasks in one mobile application. They all have clear guidelines embedded in each step of the task so that can deliver them according to the standards. Onboarding of new employees and implementation of new processes are faster and easy trackable.
Thanks to the No-Code part implementation takes only a few days. No internal IT resources are needed to implement the system.
TakeTask can be integrated with other systems to trigger tasks or send data in digital and structured format for further analytics to make better and faster decisions. Overall companies notice an increase in sales thanks to better execution of standards and lower costs thanks to optimization.

  1. Time-saving by:
    • Easier task performance: The app provides all the necessary information, guidelines, confirmations, and feedback in one place, making it easier for employees to complete tasks.
    • Accurate and consistent information: Task structure and deployment are based on location features and external data, reducing the risk of imprecise or mismatched information.
    • Faster go-to-market: Tasks can be distributed from templates, and changes made in a no-code task editor are deployed instantly with no IT personnel assistance needed.
    • Automatic task deployment: Tasks can be automatically deployed based on external data, feedback, or tasks performed by other users, reducing the need for manual intervention.
  1. Real-time view of execution: Managers have real-time access to execution levels and data in electronic format, reducing the need for manual data collection, imputing and reporting.
  2. Increased accountability and transparency: By tracking task completion and easy identification of areas where improvements are needed.
  3. Reduced risk of potential loss: real-time monitoring of processes execution status using integrated artificial intelligence tools and automatic delegation of corrective tasks.
  4. Improved communication: Enhance communication between team members and managers based on structured tasks, ensuring everyone is on the same page and tasks are completed efficiently.
  5. Enhanced task prioritization: Based on importance and urgency to improve efficiency and productivity.
  6. Operations cost reduction and sustainability: Reduced fuel consumption and paper usage by allowing regional managers to assign and monitor tasks remotely.
  7. Better decision-making: Due to improved data quality with less false reporting and human error, resulting in higher task execution.
  8. Higher KPI levels: Faster and better task execution, combined with better access to information for employees, leads to lower losses, higher sales, higher client satisfaction, and more
  9. Higher level of employee competence: By providing onboarding and on-the-job training for employees, allowing them to learn new tasks and processes more quickly and efficiently.
  10. Higher job satisfaction and retention: A centralized app for all tasks, guidelines, and communications can reduce anxiety from switching between different user interfaces like email, communication apps, SMS, etc. Younger employees, in particular, value user-friendly, and efficient work tools, which makes our app a highly valued and expected asset for their productivity, job satisfaction and retention.

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