License Plate Recognition


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Detecting license plate number from a moving vehicle

LPR serves as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), detecting the vehicle and its license plate to extract the license plate number of the vehicles in the move over a time.

The process uses multiple deep neural networks to detect and identify vehicle license plate, Given the generality of traffic cameras and toll plaza cameras, license plate recognition (LPR) may seem pretty straightforward, just by taking the video source, analysing and then processing it with multiple deep neural networks to fetch the license plate from numerous vehicles while maintaining the accuracy levels is a challenging task. At TensorGo, we solve problems with our SOTA techniques.

The extraction of the license plate can be deployed on a large scale, where it plays a very vital role in mass surveillance to track and detect repeated offenders.This system can be automated by ingesting the video feed from traffic cameras, public security cameras, toll plaza cameras and analyse all the license plates in matter of seconds.This will be a very efficient for the law enforcement authorities while bringing governance in to the system. With the rapid development and expansion of the cities and its road network, only automation can track and enable law enforcement to track traffic offenders using license plate recognition (LPR).

Use Cases

Detecting Vehicle Types, License Plate Detection, Parking Zones, Law Enforcements etc.,

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