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Spoggle – Analytics on a Single Pane of Glass from Tesser Insights

Spoggle is an all-in-one analytics platform by Tesser Insights, tailored for small and medium-sized businesses. It simplifies analytics for industries like F&B, CPG, Healthcare, BFSI, and Energy, offering a unique single-pane-of-glass experience.

1. Unified Analytics Ecosystem: Spoggle replaces multiple tools with a seamless analytics experience covering the entire data life cycle. It is a collaborative hub for data scientists, analysts, and business analysts.

2. Self-Serve Functionality: Empower users with self-serve analytics, allowing independent exploration, analysis, and visualization of insights in a sandbox environment. Enables experimentation and easy sharing of insights, reducing dependency on IT teams.

3. Ask Spoggle (Chat capability): Introducing a conversational element to analytics, “Ask Spoggle” enables users to interact through natural language queries making data accessible to all levels for insights.

4. Automated Data Modelling: Spoggle automates data modeling with data clusters, identifying and creating relationships across datasets. This ensures seamless data manipulation, including drill up, drill down, and drill across various datasets, reducing time for deriving insights.

5. Quick Insights with AI/ML Capabilities: Leverage built-in AI and ML capabilities for effortless data analysis and insight generation for decision-making.

Spoggle is suitable for

Data Engineers: Accelerate data model building with no-code integration, cluster detection, and scalable infrastructure reducing turnaround time.

Data Scientists: Optimize data preparation with robust capabilities for automated data profiling, outlier detection, etc.

Business Analysts: Derive actionable insights aligned with business goals. Transform custom datasets, leverage out-of-the-box quick insights, and detect relationships swiftly in Spoggle's user-friendly environment.

Spoggle streamlines analytics, making it easy for diverse users to experiment with data, build models to solve problems, and share insights with other users and applications for enterprise adoption.

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