Turnpike's connected wearable solution gives frontline retail employees a digital sixth sense!

Wearable SaaS for Firstline Retail Workers


Reinventing Retail With Real-Time Connectivity

We empower staff with a sixth sense by delivering real-time messages, alerts, and actions to smart wearables, motivating employees to respond in-the-moment to customer needs, scheduling changes, and urgent requests.

Built on Microsoft Azure and support Samsung and Apple smartwatches

- Microsoft Teams integration makes it simple to send messages and schedule data directly to wearable devices

- Set actions, tasks & reminders, send messages, track progress

- Runs in browsers, on PCs & mobile devices

- Open platform with built-in connectors to leading IoT devices, enterprise platforms, and developer APIs


For Retail Managers & Business Leaders

- Seamlessly communicate shift schedules directly to wearable devices

- Immediately communicate service requests and alerts to the most relevant firstline workers

- Employees spend more time on customer engagement, conversion, and increasing ATV

- Faster service reaction time leads to lower churn and higher revenue per square meter


For Firstline Workers

- Get in-the-moment nudges when check-out and fitting room lines need help

- The wearable acts as a sixth sense, informing you of activities in real-time without requiring line-of-sight


For IT professionals

- Open platform connects to leading IoT devices, enterprise platforms, and developer APIs

- Runs on PCs, browsers, mobile, and wearables. Built on Microsoft Azure with integration to Azure IoT, IoT Edge & Teams/Shifts

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