Oto IoT automation

by Waylay

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Stream processing, automation and integration for Azure-based IoT applications

Advanced automation framework for Enterprise Architects and Developers to compose, test and deploy IoT applications.

With Oto you can combine real-time sensor data ingested on Azure IoT Hub with data at rest from your IT back-ends and data from external cloud apps via REST APIs.

Oto provides data ingestion, data transformation, data stream processing, business rules, workflows, 3rd party integration and notification services all available in one single consistent administration interface. It comes with end-to-end visibility, debugging and lifecycle management tools.

Oto integrates out-of-the-box with Azure IoT hub and MS AD (Active Directory) and can be deployed in your existing Azure environment.

What can you do with Oto?

  • discover threshold crossing, time patterns and correlations between metrics
  • trigger notifications based on real-time sensor readings and automated actions within existing business processes such as call centers, support applications etc.
  • build automated workflows that combine streaming data with data at rest, whether historical IoT data or data retrieved from a cloud or IT service
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