Power BI Center of Excellence: 4-Wk Implementation

Artis Consulting

Establish Microsoft Power BI Best Practices and Governance for Administration, Data Strategy, Security, Auditing and User On-Boarding.

Artis Consulting's Power BI Center of Excellence (CoE) offers enterprise-class best practices and governance for the self-service era.

Whether you are operating in Power BI Premium or Pro environments, this engagement will establish best practices, policies, and processes to ensure the health of your Power BI implementation across the enterprise.

Learn the questions you need to ask and the processes you need to implement to enable users to be successful and avoid the chaos of an ungoverned environment.

Why Implement a Center of Excellence?

  • Leverage learnings from dozens of implementations
  • Implement governed self-service to achieve a balance of productivity and stability
  • Learn how to maintain a healthy platform

Administration & Monitoring

  • Configure environments
  • Implement Alerts
  • Surface Audit Logs
  • Prescriptive Actions

Governed Self-Service Processes

  • Automate Premium Capacity Request Process
  • Change Management for Enterprise Models
  • Conduct Load Testing
  • Prevent Performance Mistakes

User On-Boarding

  • Onboarding Guide
  • Visualization Best Practices
  • DAX Tips & Tricks
  • Report Templates

At a glance