Workshops - Solve the right problem, the right way


This workshop series is designed to help customers systematically tackle the barriers to their success. Participants will critically assess current challenges and explore options to overcome them.

This series of workshops is designed to help customers to systematically tackle the barriers to their success. By progressing through each step—from identification to root cause analysis, reframing, and creative ideation—attendees will help set the stage to overcome obstacles and agree on goals for initial project scope.

Workshop 1: Identifying the biggest barrier In the first workshop, participants will engage in a structured process to uncover the most significant barrier preventing them from reaching their goals. Through guided discussions and exercises, attendees will learn to pinpoint the obstacles that stand in their way, setting the stage for deeper exploration and problem-solving.

Workshop 2: Discovering the root cause Building on the insights from the first session, the second workshop will delve into the root causes of the identified barriers. Participants will use the fishbone analytical technique to trace their obstacles back to their origins, gaining a clearer understanding of the underlying issues. This deeper insight is crucial for developing effective solutions.

Workshop 3: Framing the problem for solutions The third workshop focuses on framing the discovered problems in a way that encourages creative and diverse solutions. By learning how to articulate their challenges clearly and constructively, participants will open the door to a range of potential strategies and approaches. This reframing is essential for thinking outside the box and finding innovative answers.

Workshop 4: Generating and reversing ideas In the final workshop, participants will engage in a unique ideation process. They will first brainstorm ways to make their problem even worse, which helps to surface hidden assumptions and overlooked factors. Then, by reversing these negative ideas, they will generate practical and often unexpected solutions. This creative exercise not only sparks new ideas but also ensures that solutions are well-rounded and robust.

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