Asset Under Management (AUM) Dashboard

UB Technology Innovations, Inc.

The AUM dashboard was designed with a modular approach, allowing different users to customize their views based on their roles and responsibilities.

The data is collected from various sources, including financial institutions, market data providers, and internal systems. The challenge is consolidating and integrating this data into a single dashboard for easy analysis and reporting. Different stakeholders within the firm, such as portfolio managers, risk analysts, and senior executives, have unique reporting and analysis requirements.

Power BI serves as a versatile tool for data visualization and analysis across industries. It enables businesses to gain actionable insights, optimize operations, and enhance decision-making. Power BI enhances the AUM dashboard by providing dynamic data visualization and reporting capabilities, enabling quick decision-making in the financial industry. Its customization options cater to diverse stakeholder needs, promoting collaboration and tailored insights.

The AUM dashboard must provide customizable views and reports to meet their needs. As financial data is sensitive, maintaining data security and access controls is crucial to protect client information and comply with regulatory requirements.

Implemented an automated data integration system that collected data from various sources, transformed it into a standardized format, and loaded it into a centralized data warehouse. This allowed for consistent and reliable data analysis across the organization. The AUM dashboard was designed with a modular approach, allowing different users to customize their views based on their roles and responsibilities. Users could select and arrange widgets, charts, and reports based on their preferences. Additionally, the solution provided flexible data filtering and drill-down capabilities to enable detailed analysis. The client implemented robust security measures to protect sensitive data. This included role-based access controls, encryption of data in transit and at rest, and regular security audits to ensure compliance with regulatory standards in the financial industry

The AUM dashboard solution provides a comprehensive and customizable tool for monitoring and analyzing assets under management. It enabled the firm to make quick decision-making, improved operational efficiency and ensured compliance with data security regulations. The AUM dashboard empowered portfolio managers, risk analysts, and senior executives with real-time insights into investment performance, portfolio allocation, and risk exposures. This enabled them to make data-driven decisions promptly. The customizable nature of the AUM dashboard enabled different stakeholders to generate reports and views tailored to their needs—this enhanced collaboration and communication across teams.


Time and Resource Savings:  The dashboard simplified the AUM reconciliation process, thereby saving time and resources, which enabled the client to respond more quickly to changes in the market.

Enhanced Reliability and Data Security: The dashboard enhanced reliability and reduced technology vulnerability. This helped minimize the risk of data breaches and ensured the data was secure and protected.

Enhanced Decision-Making:  The AUM dashboard improved operational efficiency and offered customized reporting, resulting in enhanced decisions.

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