Copilot for Microsoft 365 Jump Start program


This program jumpstarts your business's use of Microsoft Copilot's AI for productivity gains in a controlled environment

Empower your workforce and unlock new possibilities for innovation with a structured Copilot for Microsoft 365 Jump start program.

Velrada's Copilot Jump Start is designed to help your organisation harness the power of Microsoft Copilot in a controlled environment.

This program equips you with the tools and guidance to:

• Boost Efficiency and Productivity: Equip your employees with an AI assistant that helps them write code faster and with fewer errors. • Fuel Innovation and Collaboration: Unlock new potential for creative problem-solving and teamwork within your organization. • Our structured approach ensures a smooth and successful Copilot integration: -Copilot Readiness Assessment: We'll assess your licensing, security, and governance to ensure a seamless enablement process. -Targeted User Identification: We'll help you identify the user roles within your organization that will benefit most from Copilot's features. -Controlled Launch & Expansion: We'll guide you through a strategic Copilot implementation plan, paving the way for broader adoption across your company.

The Jump Start Program offers a comprehensive experience:

• Launch & Readiness: We'll assess your environment, define success metrics, identify pilot users, and craft an adoption plan. • Copilot Activation: We'll secure licenses, onboard your pilot group, configure your Microsoft 365 tenant, and set up user permissions. • Pilot Program: We'll help you select a representative group, choose a relevant use case, train your pilot users, and monitor activity to gather valuable feedback. • Analyse & Recommend: We'll evaluate the pilot's success based on predefined metrics, gather feedback from participants, and develop a report with insights and recommendations for scaling Copilot adoption. • Scale & Support: We'll discuss next steps based on your pilot results and explore options for broader Copilot integration across your organization.

Take your first step towards a more efficient and innovative future. Contact Velrada today to learn more about the Copilot for Microsoft 365 Jump Start program!

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