AI Readiness, Strategy and Roadmap Engagement

Withum Digital

An AI readiness engagement designed to help your business develop an AI strategy & roadmap leveraging Microsoft 365 so you can confidently implement leading-edge AI solutions, like Microsoft Copilot.

Are you ready to join the AI revolution? Early and effective AI adoption is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. Our AI strategy assessment will help you understand the potential within Microsoft 365 and how to manage risks during AI adoption.

If you want to leverage the power of AI to drive innovation, efficiency and competitive advantage, you need a structured approach that covers four key steps:

  1. Educate yourself and your team about AI's potential and how it can transform your business, including the capabilities available in Microsoft 365, Power Platform, and Microsoft Azure.
  2. Assess your business processes and identify where AI, can add value and improve outcomes.
  3. Implement AI solutions, like Microsoft Copilot, that align with your business goals and ethical standards, using a well-defined roadmap and best practices.
  4. Monitor, evaluate, and refine your AI initiatives to ensure they deliver optimal results and responsible innovation.

Our 3-week engagement will help you get ready for AI, responsibly.

Deliverables of the AI readiness engagement include:

  • Development of a Tailored AI Strategy: Creation of a comprehensive AI strategy specifically tailored to meet your organization's unique needs and challenges. This strategy encompasses a thorough assessment of potential AI opportunities, identifies key areas for AI integration, and outlines challenges that need to be addressed. It also includes an Art of the Possible workshop to highlight common use cases and possible benefits of infusing AI into your tasks and workflows.

  • Strategic Roadmap and Implementation Plan: Establishment of a detailed and actionable roadmap for the phased implementation and scaling of AI solutions like Microsoft Copilot within your organization. This roadmap includes specific timelines, milestones, and benchmarks for integrating AI into various business processes, ensuring a structured and efficient deployment.

  • Identification and Targeting of Key AI Initiatives: Pinpointing critical AI initiatives that can significantly enhance operational efficiency, improve contract bidding success rates, and ensure regulatory compliance. Setting clear and measurable goals for each initiative to track progress and outcomes effectively.

  • Focus on Continuous Improvement and Ethical AI Use: Emphasis on continuous evaluation and improvement of AI initiatives, ensuring they remain aligned with evolving business goals and market dynamics. Additionally, incorporating ethical considerations and risk management strategies to maintain responsible and compliant AI usage.

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