NMB Gateway for Restricted Party Screening

by NMB Solutions LLC.

A native Microsoft experience that automates and optimizes your supply chain.

NMB Gateway for Restricted Party Screening provides a real-time, exception-based compliance screening service to ensure proactive due diligence of international or domestic business transactions. Specifically, it performs mandated government compliance screening for Restricted Parties, Embargoed Countries, and Export License Determination. In addition, RPS also checks for “red flag” indicators to screen “end use,” as well as “end users.” To facilitate internal management and communication, RPS provides an optional notification service and audit trail.

The backbone of Restricted Party Screening Software is the high-level of automation. It eliminates much of the manual labor involved in the screening process and therefore inherently reduces the chances of human error. This type of software is a web-based international export compliance software that offers maximum visibility and automation for exporters. The NMB Restricted Party Screening Module (RPS) is a solution that provides integration within Microsoft Dynamics D365FO and the Denied Party Screening system.

Solution at a glance:

Smart Screening - Screens everything, every time, without repeating false positive failures

Export License Determination - Ensure you stay in compliance with export laws and regulations

Embargo Management - A direct match on ISO Country Code helps ensure accurate screening

Fully Automated Real Time Screening - Real time updates ensure you’re always in compliance

Complete Audit Trail - System maintains proper records for every transaction

Integrated to D365 - Reduce errors and boost productivity

At a glance