Sii Cost Accounting

by Sii Sp. z o.o.

Advanced Cost Flow Analyzes Cost Allocation Keys

The Sii Cost Accounting module supports the user in cost flow analyzes, ensuring transparency of all cost factors affecting the final cost of a manufactured product or service performed.

It’s a solution created for company for which restrictions in standard module prevent a complete analysis of the company's profitability.

In our product to define the cost elements you don’t have to be limited to transactions from the general ledger. You can, for example, transfer project transaction.

As a divisor for the cost we use allocation rules whose parameterization is flexible and easy to implementaton. For one allocation rule you can define many source transaction providers, you can group the source transaction and group the target transaction.

The parameterization enables to creates many mapping type, for example mapping cost elements to allocation key, which reduce the number of allocation keys on the system. Target of this mapping is the cost object. Define of cost objects is flexible- you can create many types of cost objects with different structures.

In contrast to the standard solution of cost accounting, in the Sii module the final step is posting the target transaction on the system. You have possibility to post directly: on the General Ledger, on the project, or for example, on the fixed assets. It’s depends witch journal type you will choose.

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