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Seamlessly automate eligibility checks anywhere in your workflow

Eligibility, by Chorus Software Solutions, is a unique software built on Microsoft Dynamics that allows healthcare practices to automate eligibility checks and accurately determine eligibility in real-time for any payer, at any point in their workflow. Instead of relying on a manual processes to conduct eligibility checks, Eligibility does it for you. Through Eligibility, Chorus offers healthcare practices new flexibility through direct, automatic eligibility data exchange with payer partners via Change Healthcare's clearinghouse. 

  •    Eligibility in Real-Time, Anytime: Provides your staff with eligibility information in real-time, anywhere in their workflow. 
  •    Prevention of Reimbursement Challenges: Prevent downstream reimbursement challenges by determining eligibility prior to care delivery and creating a structured record of eligibility when services are delivered. 
  •    Unparalleled Flexibility: Leverage benefit from an open, flexible environment for data management that integrates with existing CRMs and practice management systems. 
This enhanced view of eligibility allows your team to determine which services are covered and rapidly provide visibility into cost sharing and covered services. It also empowers your team with structured historical eligibility data across each patient's care journey, should they need it. 
This unique solution offers the opportunity to transform eligibility into a tool to deliver the right care and optimize business outcomes. By leveraging Eligibility, take advantage of: 
  •    Broad Accessibility: The process is significantly more accessible through Eligibility's simplified processes while the design of the solution allows users to customize eligibility workflows to fit their needs.
  •   Optimized Workflows: Eligibility lets you create workflows based on data insights. Statuses such as inactive coverage or coverage exceptions can trigger next steps for your system or staff to take at the right time. 
  •    FHIR and X12 Compatibility: This revolutionary platform will help any practice at any point in their digital transition journey through FHIR and X12 backwards compatibility. 

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