Messaging for Dynamics Insights - Journeys

by Infobip d.o.o.

Boost marketing campaigns and personalize customer engagement with Infobip WhatsApp and Viber

Main features

  • Send WhatsApp and Viber messages as a part of your trigger-based or segment-based journeys.
  • Send rich-content personalized messages. Insert customer data, such as "Customer first name" or "Customer last name", into your content templates with a simple click.
  • WhatsApp and Viber rich message templates. Templates are used to ensure messages are personalized and unified. They can be enriched with numerous media options to ensure they stand out like images, videos, and URLs.
  • Real-time reporting and analytics. Track messages and create actions based on delivery reports.
  • Failover. Failover is enabled and used to switch over to SMS in cases where a primary communication channel fails to deliver a message. Use the Infobip fallback option to ensure your messages always reach your customers.

Use cases

Viber lets you send messages with rich media, including pictures, clickable buttons and URLs for richer engagement.

The average user checks WhatsApp more than 23 times per day and 68% users agreed that WhatsApp is the easiest way to connect with a business.

You can use each of these channels individually or combine them for maximum effect by using SMS as a failover for customers who don’t receive their Viber or WhatsApp message.


  • You need to set up your own Infobip account, quick and easy, to send Viber and/or WhatsApp messages
  • Microsoft Dynamics Insights - Journey application


Separate messaging plans apply for Viber and WhatsApp. It's a simple pay-as-you go model per sent message. Top-up your account and start sending messages right away. No commitment or hidden fees.

Free trial

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