Infobip SMS and WhatsApp for Dynamics 365 Sales

by Infobip d.o.o.

Communicate and engage with your contacts, and accounts with Infobip SMS and WhatsApp

Sending SMS and WhatsApp text messages from Dynamics 365 Sales has never been easier and more simple with Infobip!

  • Select one or multiple records from your Contacts and Accounts Lists to send messages to
  • Build Infobip Messaging Campaigns to customize and personalize your text messages
  • Spruce up your texts with graphics, videos, and other media from pre-approved WhatsApp templates
  • Optimize your Campaigns using data from your Dashboard that shows reports of messages that were sent, delivered, or sent in error

Deliver personalized, relevant experiences

  • Promote your products by sending personalized coupons to existing or potential customers and increase sales
  • Collect direct customer feedback to help improve your product or service and grow your business
  • Send personalized reminders of important events, appointments, or payment due dates, to drive sales and build customer loyalty

Contact More Customers

  • Get direct connections to 700 global telecom partners
  • Connect to 65% of the world's mobile devices
  • Leverage Infobip's reliable network that successfully delivers over 100 billion messages a year p's reliable network that successfully delivers over 100 billion messages a year


Separate messaging plans apply for SMS and WhatsApp. It's a simple pay-as-you go model per sent message. Top-up your account and start sending messages right away. No commitment or hidden fees.

Free trial

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About Infobip

Infobip is a global leader in omnichannel communication, helping brands to create meaningful relationships with their customers, at scale.

Our communications platform is powering a broad range of solutions, messaging channels, and tools for advanced customer engagement, security, authentication, support, and retention.

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