CRM For Real Estate Developer Sales


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CRM For Real Estate Developer Sales

With our expertise in technology and our deep domain experience in real estate business processes, Property Watch Developer CRM solutions were Born using the power of Dynamic 365 sales and services.

Ready to use transformation for property developers and real estate agencies helping increase the productivity and collaboration with the external and internal agents who sell ready and off plan properties using fully integrated CRM. Our solutions designed to gain quality leads, insightful data and powerful technology to help grow Real Estate business cycles. 

Features:Property Watch offers advanced features monitoring sales and reservations, multi-currency, maintain availability of units for sale and listing details, related library for all marketing materials supporting sales team, integration with call center, SMS, WhatsApp, ERP & Outlook, activity timeline, manage marketing agency agreements status, analyze real time management dashboard and analytics, monitor broker performance, case and cheque management system, workflow automation, reminders and effective leads & contact management process and history track. 

Design for: Property developers & real estate agencies that would like to sell property, 365-degree overview form the lead journey handover to the buyer.

Benefits: A Sigle connected solution that drive efficiency, manage and track all the real estate business and streamlines daily tasks effectively spending less time on paperwork, with upgraded technology tools offered from Property Watch, now you can empower your Real estate developer sales with real time integration with Microsoft Office 365, Integration with call center, sms ,WhatsApp, ERP, Business Central, Property management, Facilitys managemnt.

Property Watch Agent Portal: Automated, centralized, customizable, rich in features and easily accessible cloud solution for all property developers and real estate agents that sell on behalf of developer from the initial sale to the handover of property. Agent portal helps increase the productivity and collaboration with the external and internal agents registering partnership, enter lead registration, keep leads activity history to let all permitted users follow up with recent communication history, live update & availability of properties, listing pricing, marketing material availability, case management support, news, blog and more.  

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