De-Dupe Dynamics 365

by Skyline Consultants LLC

Efficiently manage and merge duplicate records within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Having clean and current data in your CRM system is vital to any organization’s sales and marketing process. With new data from users, emails, and integrations being entered daily, it happens all too often that a duplicate company, contact, or lead record is created.

If unaddressed, duplicate records can create major problems for your system.

With De-dupe Dynamics by Skyline Consultants, Dynamics 365 users can easily manage and maintain their duplicate detection process. Users will have the ability to set the criteria for how duplicate records will be classified, publish duplicate detection rules, and run a search by entity (account, contact, or lead).

Depending on your needs, you can also change field criteria and create new rules anytime. These rules can include any combination of the account name, email address, first name, and last name fields.

De-Dupe Dynamics, by Skyline Consultants, will merge multiple duplicate records into one, and allow the user to choose which record to keep as the master.

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