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World’s leading equation editor that allows you to write math notation as easily as you write text.

MathType, the world's most famous equation editor, is now available in its new version as an Add-In for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

全球最知名的公式编辑器 MathType 现已推出新版本,作为 Microsoft Word 和 PowerPoint 插件,支持简体和繁体中文。MathType 自动适应 Word 和 PowerPoint 的显示语言,只需打开它,即可开始便捷书写方程式!

MathType is the world's leading equation editor that allows you to write math notation as easily as you write text. From simple equations to complex mathematical expressions, MathType offers an intuitive interface with a toolbar offering over 500 symbols, including support for matrix, multiline equations, and elementary mathematical symbols. In addition to its powerful mathematical capabilities, MathType simplifies the writing of chemical notation with ChemType. This includes a customized toolbar equipped with the periodic table and other chemistry-related symbols, making it easy to create inorganic chemistry notation.

Trusted by educators and EdTech companies globally, MathType offers:

- Symbol coverage: With over 500 symbols, MathType supports matrices, multiline equations, and a comprehensive range of specialized symbols, ensuring you have everything needed for any mathematical or scientific notation.

- Easy to use: Write equations with an interface that provides a user-friendly experience from day one. MathML native and LaTeX friendly.

- AI-Powered Handwriting Recognition: Converts handwritten expressions into clean, digital equations ready to be used in your documents.

- ChemType: Unlock a personalized toolbar equipped with specialized chemistry buttons tailored for editing inorganic chemistry notation.

- Accessibility: MathType is compliant with accessibility requirements and ensures software accessibility for people with disabilities.

- High-quality output: It generates perfect, high-quality images for all your equations that can be exported in various formats such as SVG, PDF, and PNG.

- Customizable: You can customize formatting options to define the style settings required for your documents and configure how equation elements are displayed.

MathType is available for:

- Word and PowerPoint online

- Word and PowerPoint for Windows and Mac (Microsoft 365)

- Word and PowerPoint for iPad

How it works:

Just type or handwrite the equation that you need on your document within the MathType editor window, and it will be inserted into your document. Edit your equations as many times as you want just by clicking on them and going into MathType again.


Take advantage of the 30-day free trial to explore MathType. Just install the add-in and start writing math equations easily!


MathType Office Tools is available as a yearly subscription that includes MathType for Google Workspace (Google Docs, Google Slides), MathType for Windows, and MathType for Microsoft 365.

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