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BrainBot sends short, scheduled interactions to help retain and learn knowledge.

Did you ever take a class, and discover later that you can’t remember anything you learned?

It’s called the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve: we naturally forget most of the new information we learn within a few days and weeks - if we don’t use it.

BrainBot's unique chatbot solution fixes your “forgetting curve” with systematic and meaningful reinforcement boosts – a technique called Spaced Learning or Spaced Practice which has been shown to improve long-term memory and knowledge retention. Starting a day or two after you complete an eLearning course or training class, BrainBot will send short interactions via Microsoft Teams or Email. Each interaction may consist of a question (multiple choice or text), a poll, a video, or another resource link designed to help you retain and even expand upon the information you learned.

Trainers can setup BrainBot to interact with learners on a specifically designed schedule, to maximize the effectiveness of each boost. It doesn’t take much - a typical boost sequence may include 6 to 9 interactions over a 30 to 90 day period.

Best of all, BrainBot is uniquely designed to talk to each learner in the environments they already use every day: Microsoft Teams or Email. Many similar “booster” tools require users to use a proprietary app, and can only ask simple multiple choice questions.

BrainBot’s can ask more thoughtful questions that use text, video, interactive polls, and more, to fully engage the learner’s brain and lead to greater knowledge retention.

BrainBot was created by Bigger Brains, a premium online training company with hundreds of Microsoft and Business Skills courses. Many BrainBot boosters are available for Bigger Brains courses, and can be easily copied and customized to use with your own content.

Brainbot can also be used to deliver Assessments, Lessons, feedback surveys, and more.

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