Approvals Center

by Ivero

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Comprehensive Approval Management Solution

Approval Center replaces paper and email-based approvals with fully automated approval workflows that allow more efficient management of the business processes.

Intuitive UI enables users having no technical skills to create a tailored approval process without writing any code.

Approval requests are submitted through a self-service portal and routed to different approvers based on specific business rules.

With role-based access (regular user, manager, admin), you can control who has access to which data.

From a technical point of view, the Approvals Center is a SharePoint-hosted add-in, which means the add-in is integrated with SharePoint and all data is stored in the customer's SharePoint environment.

Key features:

• Request Templates - allows you to create different request forms (e.g. HR Request, IT Request, Expense Reimbursement Request, etc. ) with specific fields and approval paths.

• Customizable approval form fields - add-in administrators can quickly build approval forms with numerous field types such as Text, Choice, Number, Currency, etc.

• Support both general-purpose and financial approvals - in the request template, you can design spreadsheets which allow cost tracking for specific scenarios (e.g. travel expenses).

• Role-based access control - allows you to set up the level of access that users have to the Approvals Center (regular user, manager, and admin)

• Multi-level approval workflow - approval paths allow an administrator to easily set up multiple approvers (e.g. 1st/2nd line manager or any other person).

• Conditional approvals - approval conditions and thresholds allow you to determine which approvers receive an approval request (based on Total Amount or custom field value).

• Tracking object changes - each object in the add-in has an audit log that allows tracking of change history (e.g. creation, edition, approval, etc.).

• Automatic Email Notifications - built-in email notifications to the requester (when the request is approved or rejected), to the approver(s) (when the request is submitted), and to the manager (when the request is canceled).

• Substitute Approvers - if a Manager is out of the office, Manager or Admin can delegate approval permissions to other users for a specific period of time.

• Reporting and export to Excel - Approvals Centre provides several reports which can be used for management, billing and analytical purposes. Data tables provide options to print or export to CSV/PDF/XLS.

• Attachments - allows you to upload additional files to the requests.

• Integrated list - Sharepoint list can be integrated with numerous other systems via Microsoft Flow, used as a data source for Power BI (reporting services) or displayed on different site via Web Part.

Custom branding - you can custom brand your logo and colors

• Translation-ready for other languages - allows language translation for regular user and manager views (except "Administration").

Important Notices:

• The user who enters the add-in for the first time after installation automatically become an administrator with the ability to assign admin roles to others

• Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 11 and later, the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Opera and Firefox.

Approval Center is available as a free, fully-featured 30-day trial version.

The trial can be turned into a full version by purchasing an annual subscription or lifetime license.

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Version, released:

- Added the ability to add tooltips to custom form fields

- Added the ability to clone request template

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