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Education gamified: Incentives beyond grades

Increase engagement and manage your course. Use gamification and peer recognition to keep students engaged and connected. Easy-to-use tools streamline course management and allow you to stay focused on educating.

Key features

📊 Polls: Solicit feedback from your students and reward for participating

Debates: Kick off discussions and let students compete

💡 Questions: Track student questions and let the class pick the best answers

📣 Announcements: Schedule announcements and reward for acknowledging

🔥 Peer recognition: Students reward each other's contributions

🦉 Levels: Achievement levels encourage participation

🛍️ Store: Students redeem points for items in the class store. Sell study guides, bonus points, endorsements, or anything else you dream up.

🤖 AI: Artificial Intelligence (AI) assists with answering student questions

Manage your course

• Real time dashboards and analytics

• Roles for instructors and students

• Import and export data to integrate with your LMS

Optimized for higher education and business

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