Frankie Health

by Frankie Health

Mental health platform for employees. Choose therapists, track mood & wellness.

Frankie Health is a *workplace mental health platform* empowering you to take care of your mental health.

Frankie supports your wellness journey and assists you in tackling anxiety, stress, and burnout.

With Frankie, you can connect with licensed therapists and experienced coaches and access mental healthcare resources ranging from digital courses to meditation sessions.

*Everyone's mental health journey is unique*. So, you can choose the resources and practitioners that better resonate with you.

On the Frankie Health platform, you will find:

Mood check-ins and clinical assessments to get insight into your mental health.

Professional support via therapists or coaches.

Exercises library with a broad range of content personalised to your mental health journey.

The data you share with the platform is private. Organisations only have access to anonymised employees' data.

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