SAP S/4HANA for Microsoft Teams


Collaborate with colleagues directly from SAP S/4HANA Cloud applications

Applications built with SAP Fiori elements and SAPUI5 now allow you to share a link directly to the information in your SAP ERP system.

Share to Microsoft Teams as Chat

Gather the right experts to analyze and resolve complex issues using the chat option to share a direct link to SAP S/4HANA data with your co-workers. Provide them access to a specific state of an SAP Fiori app to quickly process any requests or tasks.

Share to Microsoft Teams as Tab

Work efficiently with your co-workers on the content you share in a Microsoft Teams tab. The Microsoft Teams environment lets you work in the same context as an SAP Fiori app and use the tab conversation option in parallel to share ideas, discuss, and collaborate.

Prerequisites for using the SAP S/4HANA for Microsoft Teams app

To use SAP S/4HANA for Microsoft Teams app seamlessly, your organization must

1. Have a license for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, the cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software designed to provide instant insight using a single source of truth and real-time processing capabilities along with dynamic planning and analysis.

2. Assign proper authorizations to you for using this app.

3. Use SAP Fiori apps to access this app. SAP Fiori is the user experience (UX) for SAP software representing a consumer-grade consistent experience based on modern design principles.

For more information, please contact your administrator for [SAP S/4HANA Cloud](

Add-in capabilities

When this add-in is used, it
  • Can send data over the Internet
  • This add-in can access personal information on the active message, such as phone numbers, postal addresses, or URLs. The add-in may send this data to a third-party service. Other items in your mailbox can’t be read or modified.

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