TTS Turbo Macros Subscription

by Training The Street

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TTS Turbo Macros will boost your productivity in Excel and enhance your workflow.

This SaaS offer handles the subscription plan for the TTS Turbo Macros Excel Add-in.

Why Choose TTS Turbo Macros?

1. Faster Productivity

Our easy-to-learn custom shortcuts boost Excel speed and productivity. This allows users to never touch the mouse, and format Excel sheets faster than ever with just the keyboard. TTS Turbo Macros shortcuts not only save valuable time but also help ensure consistency and accuracy throughout the worksheets and financial models.

2. Formatting With Ease

Users can instantly apply their preferred color schemes, enhancing the clarity, formatting, and visual appeal of their financial models. Effortlessly make formatting changes such as Fill Color and Font Color to save time and ensure consistency across different sections of the financial model, making it easier to interpret and analyze data.

3. Diagnose Errors Quickly

The Precedent Tracer tool visually maps out the dependencies of a selected cell, providing a clear and comprehensive overview of its precedents. This feature not only facilitates error detection but also enhances understanding of complex formulas and their interconnected relationships.

4. Focus On What Matters

Our Worksheet Control feature revolutionizes Excel worksheet management by providing users with easy control toggles. This allows users to quickly adjust zoom, toggle gridlines, switch between page views, and show/ hide column and row headers, to help optimize their worksheet layout and focus on what is needed.

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